Tech Lead Diaries: Page 2: Setting up the Stage for Development kick start

Set clear Expectations for the team

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Pick up the right tools for your problem.

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Kickstart Checklist

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Tools ( IDE with all plugins)

Code formatting tools


Static code analysis Tools ( for identifying security bugs and code smells).

Infra: Environments setup with Continuous Integration and Delivery ( Local ,Dev, QA, UAT…to Prod), Databases, Configurations etc, Code repository, Artefact Repositories and etc

Build Tools

Pipelines : ( End to end Automation tests,Performance and Security pipelines included apart from deployment pipelines)

Secrets management tools

Communication channels

Testing devices

Supported device specifications.

Feature Toggles for Continuous Delivery

Monitoring Setup

Logging and exporting logs setup , like ELK stack

Tracing , ( ie. Jaeger)

Hope this helps, see you soon.

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